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Modern-Aire Blower Options


Internal Blowers 600 cfm, 1200 cfm & 2400 cfm


600 CFM

High Speed     5.5 Sones / 62 dBA

Low  Speed     3.8 Sones / 50 dBA

Background Sound Level 39 dBA

Distance 12” Below Filter Intake

1200 CFM

High Speed     5.9 Sones / 64 dBA

Low  Speed     4.0 Sones / 51 dBA

Background Sound Level 40 dBA

Distance 12” Below Filter Intake

2400 CFM

2 x 10 ducts are required for the 2400 cfm internal blowers

In-Line Blowers 860 CFM & 1266 CFM

One 8” Duct recommended

Minimum duct size 6”

(Reducer required under 8” Round

One 10” Duct recommended

Minimum duct size 8”

(Reducer required under 10” Round

Modern-Aire Proudly Sells Fantech Inline Blowers

For Use With All Our Hoods

•External rotor motor with built-in thermal overload protection and automatic reset

•Tested and approved by UL and CSA (or equals)    •Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140° F        •Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings
•100% speed controllable for highly efficient and economical airflow        •Airflow up to 6291 CFM        •Terminal box with prewired electrical strip
•Mixed flow impeller        •Excellent heat dissipation to ensure long motor life.        •Three-year warranty

Remote Blower 1000 cfm & 1200 cfm

Modern-Aire Proudly Offers Abbaka Exterior Blowers For Use With All Our Hoods

Hy-Ex Professional Exterior Ventilator

The industry's quietest roof or exterior wall mounted ventilator with power enough for the largest commercial style range. All this in an architectural design that makes a minimal impact on any home's exterior appearance, and does so far more decoratively than any other roof vent offered.

•Hyper quiet – just 66 decibels

•Low Profile – 9” at the apex curving to just 7” height
•Ultra High Performance – 1000 or 1400 CFM

•7-Year Warranty – the industry's best

One of the most often asked question is how loud is the hood, it has to be said that all hoods can be loud, a  lot depends on the install, quality of hood and motor itself. One thing you can do to reduce noise is to move the blower out of the house by using a remote blower or use an in-line duct silencer when using the in-line blower.

In-Line Blower Duct Silencer

Galvanized steel silencer for use in kitchen range hood ventilation and other applications where noise is a concern. A Fantech silencer can typically reduce the “perceived” sound level of the kitchen ventilation system by more than 50%. Units feature rubber seal on inlet and outlet.

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Eurostoves EXCLUSIVE warranty

1 years parts and Labor

followed by


(excludes bulbs)

Modern-Aire offers several blower options for your new hood.    Internal Blowers, In-Line Blowers, Remote / Exterior Blowers.

Which ever is the best blower location for you Modern-Aire can adapt to the situation.